Propose a Change in a Tablature

It's not easy for everyone to get everything right the first time. So, thank you for editing tabs. So simply change whatever you think is incorrect in the tab, for example, the spelling, etc, and we'll have our users look over it and approve/reject it.
Please note that this should not be used to change errors in the accuracy of the tablature; you may resubmit a new version! That is, no changes based on INTERPRETATION. All such changes WILL BE REJECTED.

*Artist: After you finish typing, what you typed should appear on the right with an checkmark. Otherwise, check your spelling.
*Piece Name: Enter a song; we'll see if it's in our database.

Guitar and Bass Tablature Tips & Guidelines

DO NOT copy the tab off elsewhere; listen to the song in a quiet room and tab it! Also, be sure that you know what you're doing! You might want to look at a few other existing tabs first. Here are two good guides to tabbing for guitar.
NOTE: These open in this window. You MAY LOSE DATA you entered!

Use the following symbols and this template for guitar or this for bass to write the tablature. Note that you don't need to write a tab in cases when chords is good enough: give a legend of the chords, and overlay them over the lyrics. Try to add as accurate and detailed info as possible, on topics such as timing, accents, bar lines, etc. Finally, limit your tab to as wide as the input box.

  • Numbers 1,2,3...: Fret number
  • hy: Hammer-on y
  • py: Pull-off y
  • x: Muted, struck string
  • xby: Play x, bend string to sound as y
  • (x)ry: Unbend string (from x) to sound as y
  • x/y: Slide up from x to y
  • <x>: Harmonics on x
  • x\y: Slide down from x to y
  • xv: Vibrato on x
  • tx: Tap x (with strumming hand)
  • Notate symbols you use in a legend!

Comments: Please explain the change in the tab, so we know what you changed!