tTabs Terms of Use

This document outlines exactly what you are permitted and not permitted to do as an user of tTabs. Note that by visiting tTabs, you are an user of tTabs and these rules apply to you. Using this site simply means visiting it, or downloading it.


Each user is entitled to only one activated account. Multiple accounts will be deleted without warning! An "account" is a registered user identifier with an username and password created on the Register page and existing within our users database.

Site use is provided as an educational resource with unofficial transcriptions of various songs as done by ear. You may only use tTabs for educational and personal purposes, and may make copies for purely personal purposes, providing the transcriber is acknowledged.

Any activity that may adversely affect the site (tTabs) is strictly forbidden.


The tablatures on this site are ear transcriptions of songs, and represent the authors' creative interpretation. No warrants are made that the tablatures represent the original song. Use at your own risk!


We feel your privacy's important. Other than your username, none of the other information must be filled in or made public. However, the user login system and our advertising systems assign you a random id which may by no means be associated to you (as a person). Finally, we log your IP Address to catch people trying to download our whole database and crash our server. Of course, any tablature you submit will be made public, and you are responsible for the contents.

For more information, please see our privacy policy.


By using this site, you agree to indemnify tTabs and its associated parties (e.g. the owner, agents, representatives, developers, etc) from any legal liability relating to If in some case, this is deemed invalid, you agree to bring the legal action under the laws of the jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.


tTabs does not provide any warranty for the services provided. Any changes to the Terms of Use applies immediately, and it is expected that the user informs himself/herself of the change.

Updated August 30, 2007.