tTabs Privacy Policy

This document outlines exactly what you are permitted and not permitted to do as an user of tTabs. Note that by visiting tTabs, you are an user of tTabs and these rules apply to you. Using this site simply means visiting it, or downloading it.

Your Privacy is Important

tTabs respects the privacy and sensitivity of any information you may give us, and strives to protect this information for its intended uses. This document is meant to clearly outline how personal information given to us will be used.

Information Collected and Uses

tTabs chiefly collects personal information during the registration process. During this process, the following information are mandatory:

  • Username: This is your online identifier; it will be publicly viewable on your profile pages (sample) as well as on any tablature you submit. We recommend a fairly anonymous username.
  • Password: Your password will be stored in an encrypted hash format in a secure database. Nobody will be able to view or decode your password (not even the site administrators!)
  • Valid email address: The email address you provide us will only be used to send you newsletters and other information of interest pertaining to your account, if the "Send me news" option is selected for your account. It will also be used for password recovery. You may hide your email by deselecting the "Show my email?" option.

The following information is optional:

  • Instrument
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Profile

These pieces of optional information will only be displayed on your profile page (sample).

During your visit, your IP address is also logged. This is necessary to enforce the limit of a maximum of 150 tablature views per IP address per day. Likewise, when you rate a tablature, the rating is logged corresponding to your IP address.

tTabs also runs 3rd-party advertisements and statistics software. The information collected by these programs may include your IP address and various other non-personal information such as the city of your Internet Service Provider. This information will not be used to identify you personally.

If you want to opt out of some of our advertisers data collection, please visit and select the advertisers you would like to opt out.

If you decide to to contact us, your email and name will remain confidential and be used solely for communicating with you regarding the subject of the contact.

Finally, any tablatures submitted by you are submitted with the clear intention for them to be publicly viewable.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your information will NOT be used for any purposes other than those outlined above. Information will not be sold or given willingly to a third party for any non-related purposes. Our web servers are securely hosted to prevent unauthorized access.

In short, your information is safe at tTabs

Accessing and Changing Your Information

Your account can be voluntarily deleted any time, and on deletion, all traces of your information will disappear from our servers. To delete your account or modify its information:

  1. Log in: if you have forgotten the password, click on "Forgot password?" in the login box and enter your Username and Email.
  2. Select My Account on the right sidebar.
  3. Modify any information you wish to change.
  4. Re-enter your password and submit.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions concerning the Privacy Policy of tTabs, simply use the Contact Us link on the right sidebar.