Bass tablature for "I'm His Girl" by "Friends"

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Artist: Friends
Piece: I'm His Girl
Instrument: Bass
Submitter: MartN
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Artist: Friends
Album: I'm His Girl
Song: I'm His Girl
Tabbed by: Martin G.,

Tuning: Regular EADG

At the start of the song, rest for two bars, then play this tune.


There's an interlude at 1:51. The bass starts to play again at 2:10, after 2 bars of rest.

With 10 and 12 as the fret numbers. 

As for the timing, please listen to the song and figure that out - This is my first real tab. 
Have fun!

h: Hammer-on            p: Pull-off         b: Bend string up
r: Unbend string        /: Slide up         \: Slide down
: Harmonics       x: Muted string     v: Vibrato
t: Tap