Guitar tablature for "Caroline" by "Noah Gundersen"

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Artist: Noah Gundersen
Piece: Caroline
Instrument: Guitar
Submitter: unknown
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Well, I know this isn't how Noah plays it, but it is just an extremely simple version that sounds pretty good. This is my first tab, so it might not be 100% correct, but I think it sounds great this way. 

E     A     E            A     E
Caroline my baby, Caroline my sweet
E     A      E            B       E
If I married Caroline, so happy I would be.
E          A       E                   A       E
I wouldn't need no whiskey, I wouldn't need no wine,
E          A            E            B       E
I wouldn't need much of anything if Caroline was mine.
E         A    E                      A      E
Her daddy is a preacher and he may he rot in hell,
E           A       E            B             E
I'd sell my soul to satan for a bucket from her well.
E               A        E                         A     E
Cuz I know that he don't like me, and I know he'll disapprove
E             A      E                   B               E
But i'm gonna marry Caroline if it's the last thing that I do

E         A     E                    A       E
Well if I was a painter, i'd put you down in paint, 
E            A      E            B                E
i'd hang you by the Monalisa and put that girl to shame.
E         A     E                    A       E
Or if I was a sailer and sailed the seven seas,
E       A          E             B              E
i'd row across the ocean just to bring you home with me.

E      A       E            A       E
Oh Caroline my baby, oh Caroline my sweet
E          A      E                    A       E
You make a man go crazy, why won't you come to me?
E             A       E                 A       E
Cuz i've been feelin' lonesome, feelin' kind of blue.
E           A      E              A         E
I think i'd rather die than to be away from you.

           A        E         A           E
She said, "Boy, you know you've caught my eye
      A            E             A       E                  
and I know you're sweeter than an apple pie.
      A       E     A         E                     
But I like my men, completely wild,
   A    E       B                      
so baby keep on tryin'.." 

E   A       E
Caroline my baby,
E   A       E
Caroline my sweet, 
E               A          E 
i'm gonna marry Caroline...