Guitar tablature for "Minion's Song" by "Amplifier"

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Artist: Amplifier
Piece: Minion's Song
Instrument: Guitar
Submitter: unknown
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Oh masters of the universe
won't you please reveal
secrets of The Octopus
inside me which I feel

Dm G
Clawing, clawing, who's been waiting
at my door forever patiently
upon the lips of your incarnation
who is the man to sing me a melody

Cm E
Spin me a remedy 

Dm G
In homage of your industry
in debt with each huzzah
that’s paid in its entirety
with teardrops from the stars

Dm G
Well, catch them, catch them, holy waters
soothe the brows of jet set troubles
that set the feet of every martyr
upon the road of fame and paradise
Forward, forward, not forsaken
are you the man to fuck with the enemy
Show me gold and show me favour
crown a man of humble origins

Dm E
Who’s adept at fitting in
from beneath unholy skin

A# Dm G E
We'll sing along to the minion's song
Emerging from the jaws of each lion
Threading on in a far constellation
Riding away on the waves of oblivion