Bass tablature for "Bouge De Là" by "Mc Solaar"

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Artist: Mc Solaar
Piece: Bouge De Là
Instrument: Bass
Submitter: mars13
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"Bouge de là" is a song from the album "Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo" (1991).
Bass' line is a cover of the main riff from Cymande band (1973)song : The message.

G --------------------3-
D ----------------5-3---
A ----------5-3---------    x Repeat during all the song
E -3----3-6-------------

Except a break between the lyrics

"J'ai dû disparaitre ..."

G --------------------
D --------------------
A ---------5-3--------
E -----3-6------------

"... pour réapparaite"

then go on with the first bar

Plug, listen, play, and enjoy   ;-)