Guitar tablature for "Zotzinmusic" by "Vreny Van Elslande"

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Artist: Vreny Van Elslande
Piece: Zotzinmusic
Instrument: Guitar
Submitter: unknown
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And the more interesting approach with alternating B flat and F in the bass:

Lastly, let's try another basic bar-chord, this time the one based on the “A Major” chord shape. Let's build it on E flat on the 6th fret of the A string. 



If I were you, I would write out some standard chord progressions, like C | F | G | C, or D | G | A | D, or A | D | E | A, or G | C | D | G and practice the root fifth move while playing through a progression, to get the hang of how that feels. 

There is a place in music for strumming chords in a very basic way, but it never hurts to know more different techniques that you can apply in different playing situations.
Hopefully this gave you another tool to put in your toolbox of guitar tricks and techniques, so you can make your chordal accompaniments more interesting and more fun.